PALS Actions and Events, 2014

Details/captions for images coming soon!

Video: Stories of Liberation: DxE Day of Action, March 2014. Watch here.

Local to Global 1

Eddie (center) and David (left of Eddie, from viewer’s perspective) at ASU’s Local to Global conference.



Anti-SB 1062 Demonstration

PALS at the AZ state capital, protesting SB 1062, an Arizona bill that would have made it legal for business owners to discriminate against LBGT individuals.



PALS at our monthly Protest and Vigil for Victims at JBS Slaughterhouse in Tolleson, AZ.

Bye Bye Dinner

Saryta’s Informal Going Away Dinner, February 2014 . Ioana (left) and Saryta (right).

Jan 2014 Day of Action

DxE Day of Action, January 25th, 2014. Location: Chipotle.




PALS Actions and Events, 2013

We demonstrate at JBS Slaughterhouse in Tolleson, AZ monthly.  We also regularly host vigils at this location, where we light candles and bow our heads in silence to mourn the victims. Here are images from our October and December 2013 demonstrations.

jbs october

jbs december 13

New Campaign: PALS vs. Poultry, November 2013. Video Links Below!

Speak-Out at Whole Foods, Phoenix, AZ

Speak-Out at Bink’s Restaurant, Phoenix, AZ

Speak-Out at Chick-Fil-A, Phoenix, AZ

PALS Protest against the Rodeo, Arizona State Fair, Fall 2013

pals at rodeo az state fair

All branches of Direct Action Everywhere, including PALS, are currently embarked on a campaign against Chipotle titled “It’s Not Food–It’s Violence,” in response to its absurd new “humane,” “respectful of animals” marketing campaign/lie-fest. Below is an image from our December 2013 Day of Action for this campaign. Stay tuned for more!

peace not violence

Fur-Free Friday, November 2013

fur free friday

Anti-Skins Protest, Fall 2013

anti skins protest

anti skins protest 2


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