PALS Quarterly released; farewell for real

Posted: October 27, 2014 in PALS NEWS
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The one-year anniversary edition of PALS Quarterly: Animal Liberation News and Fun Stuff has now been released! Email to subscribe ( is no longer being maintained).  I apologize for the slightly delayed release date.

In other news, I know I’ve said this before; but this time, it’s for real.  This will be my last post on this blog.  I moved from Phoenix to Oakland in March of this year (2014), and have since been too busy to update this blog as much as I would have liked; I suppose other PALS members experienced the same thing.  In any case, not being physically in Phoenix anymore, there’s so much to do with respect to both this blog and the newsletter that I simply cannot do.  I cannot, for instance, tell you What We’ve (PALS has) Been Up To.  I cannot provide you with the PALendar, as I do not know what types of actions PALS has lined up in the near future or precisely when/where each upcoming action will occur  (though I’m sure it is working on plenty of awesome initiatives, as usual; send an email to the above address for the latest!).

I also was recently named Blog Manager for Direct Action Everywhere’s The Liberationist.  Responsibilities include writing original content and conducting interviews (as I’ve done with this blog), as well as editing content originally drafted by other activists and preparing said content for posting. Between assuming this new duty, running my own editing and publishing consulting firm, starting an annual walk for retinoblastoma in the Bay Area, and of course, advocating on behalf of non-human animals, I doubt I will have time to maintain this blog or the newsletter going forward.

Our next newsletter is tentatively scheduled for release January 2015, so be sure to sign up before then and email PALS via the new address to check-in if you do not receive it.

I wish PALS the very best with maintaining its various publications in my absence, and thank all PALS members for serving as such an inspiration to me via their passion, creativity and commitment to creating a more compassionate world.

Please do keep checking here for updates by other members (or inquire via email); to keep abreast of my work, check out The Liberationist and/or email me at


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